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If you have any questions about free term life insurance quotes online, feel free to get in contact with Seth. He will answer any questions you have about term life rates, the best insurance for your specific situation, and the most affordable life insurance companies to apply with.

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It's no secret... can compare term quotes on numerous websites. 

Most life insurance comparison services are designed to get your information and then sell it to a call center. Agents using high pressure scripts will then call and try to sell you life insurance. Have you ever received calls from someone in a call center trying to "pitch you" on life insurance. It's because your info was sold!

 How we're different: 

We are just a small and independent insurance service that works on your behalf--not any one insurance company. Our goal is to find you life insurance coverage at the most affordable price for your unique situation. 

...and we built our services to be HASSLE-FREE!

We know you're busy and dread the life insurance process. Our service was built with you in mind. We've leveraged the best technologies to make the process hassle-free. 

Our hassle-free process is perfect if you're looking to:

  • Shop and compare term quotes from over 40 top-rated companies
  • Eliminate meetings and driving time...we cut out the unnecessary things that waste your time!
  • Say goodbye to pages-and-pages of paperwork...our process is completed entirely online
  • Get unbiased life insurance advice...we work on your behalf, not any one insurance company's behalf!

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Information on Quotes for Affordable Term Life Insurance Online

Family Looking for Cheap Term Life Insurance Quotes OnlineBased on lots of conversations with term life insurance shoppers, we’ve found that many people are looking for a cheap term life insurance quote to protect their family financially. While many people think that term life insurance is very expensive to own–we help you find the most affordable option that fits your budget.
eFalcon Life Insurance specializes in helping you find the most affordable term life insurance quotes online. Our goal is to provide instant term life insurance quotes to you and your loved ones!
You should consider getting a free term quote if you:

  • Looking for Cheap Term Life Insurance: We offer affordable term life insurance quotes so you can find a life insurance policy that meets your budget. Our goal is to help you find a cheap term life insurance quote online so you can get financial protection for you family in case something unexpectedly happens to you. Often times cheap term online quotes are needed to cover mortgages, replace income, and fund goals such as college and retirement if you pass away prematurely. 
  • Prefer to Buy Term Life Insurance Online: We are an online life insurance quotes comparison service. We use a completely electronic process to eliminate the headaches of paperwork, meetings, and driving time. We work with you in the way that is most convenient for you. We can send quotes via email or text if you prefer. All applications are sent through secure electronic process to save you time, but also ensure your information is 100% secure and confidential using the latest technology. 
  • Need a Senior Term Life Insurance Quote: Are you over the age of 50 and looking for affordable term life insurance. We provide affordable senior term life insurance quotes for seniors ages 50 to 85.  We help seniors age 50, 55, 60, 65, 70, 75, 80, 85 and even help adults who are looking for term life insurance quotes online for parents. 
  • Want Term Life Insurance with No Exam: Would you like to get term life insurance without taking a medical exam, blood test, or giving a urine sample? Most people who are looking for affordable term life insurance also get quotes for fast and hassle-free coverage through no medical exam life insurance. We offer no medical exam life insurance quotes online from over 10 of the best no medical exam life insurance companies.

Just remember that buying term life insurance online doesn’t have to takes tons of your time. You can get your free quote now and then decide if you’d like put the coverage in place to protect your family! We work with over 40 of the best term life insurance companies and will help you find affordable term rates.
Here an overview of our term life insurance quotes online free process:

Term Life Insurance Questions 

A common question we are often asked about term life insurance is:

How to compare term life insurance rates online?

Our answer at eFalcon Life Insurance is to tell you to make sure you get quotes from an independent life insurance agent. The key advantage is that an independent agent will be able to compare life insurance rates from multiple life insurance companies–not just one company. It benefit you to see as many of the best term life insurance quotes online as possible!

Have term life insurance rates gone down?

The quick answer is…it depends! Life insurance companies try to stay as competitive as possible with term life insurance pricing of premiums. But, not all companies are competitive for each person or your health situation. In fact, it’s not uncommon for the best term life insurance quote to be $100s if not $1000s cheaper per year than the highest priced quote.

Term life insurance rates may be lower if you:

  • Diabetes: we are experts at finding affordable term life insurance quotes for diabetes. There are several life insurance companies that offer diabetics very competitive term life insurance quotes.

At eFalcon Life Insurance, we work with over 40 of the top-rated life insurance companies. We understand that each company has different term life insurance guidelines for high risk life insurance quotes pricing. We find the “sweet spots” in pricing for each company and make sure you get the most affordable term life insurance quote online!

What are average term life insurance rates?

Who has the best term life insurance rates?

Can you compare term life insurance rates by age?

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