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Tobacco Chewer and Dippers: Stop Paying Smoking Rates for Life Insurance

I´╗┐´╗┐nstantly compare quotes from life insurance companies that offer smokeless tobacco chewers a non-tobacco health rating for term life insurance. 

eFalcon Life Insurance provides chew tobacco quotes through it's newly created service called Dipsurance. It's the only life insurance comparison service just for dippers and chewers. Dipsurance provides quotes from insurance companies that will give dippers and chewers a non-tobacco health category...potentially saving you $1000s on life insurance premiums! 

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Smokeless Tobacco and Life Insurance: How Most Companies View Your Tobacco Habit

Here’s the thing…

Most smokeless tobacco users are overpaying for life insurance!

They are stuck paying smoker life insurance rates that are between 2x and 4x more expensive than non-tobacco rates for the same policy. That’s because most life insurance companies view all tobacco use the exactly the same. They lump all the dippers in with smokers and call it a day.

You want to know the sad truth?

Most tobacco chewers (and life insurance agents) think they can only qualify for tobacco smoker premiums on life insurance. But…there are select companies out there that view smokeless tobacco use much more favorable than smoking. This means that smokeless tobacco use such as:

  • Dip
  • Chewing Tobacco
  • Snuff
  • Snus
  • Tobacco Pouches
  • Tobacco Plugs life insurance companies are okay with your use!

These companies will even offer you much more affordable non-tobacco life insurance premiums. Just imagine saving 50% on life insurance each month just because you applied with the right company! It's possible...go ahead and find out how much you can save:

Life Insurance Rates for Tobacco Chewers and Dipping

Compare Nonsmoker Rates for Free!

Smokeless Tobacco and Life Insurance Common Questions

One of the most common questions is about the chewing tobacco life insurance blood test:

John Doe UI/UX Designer

How does the life insurance company find out that I use smokeless tobacco products?

The Chewing Tobacco Nicotine Blood Test for Life Insurance

Chewing tobacco testing for life insurance is going to make it very hard to hide the fact that you dip or chew. On your life insurance application you will be asked if you have used tobacco products in the last 12 months. Never try to hide or not disclose your use of smokeless tobacco. 

Always remember to be honest on the application…

…if you lie, it’s considered life insurance fraud!

Also, almost all life insurance polices will require a life insurance physical as part of the process to determine if nicotine is present in your body:

Life Insurance Physical for Chewing Tobacco

Your life insurance application will require a paramed come out to house or work as part of the life insurance process. This life insurance exam will include:

  • Blood Being Drawn: Detecting Nicotine in Your Blood Stream
  • Urine Sample: You Have To Pee in a Cup to Determine If Nicotine Is In Your System

...if you test positive for nicotine in either test, but did not report your smokeless tobacco use your chances of getting a reasonable offer from the insurance company decrease significantly.

Think you can hid your tobacco habit from the insurance company?

Always remember that even if you are able to hid your tobacco use you are taking a big chance! The first 2-years of life insurance coverage is under a contestability period. If something happens to you and you die unexpectedly during this time, the insurance company can review your life insurance application and deny paying out your death benefit if they find out you lied about smokeless tobacco use!

There’s no reason to lie when you can get non-tobacco rates from these companies:

Another common question we often are asked is about the best smokeless tobacco life insurance company:

John Doe UI/UX Designer

What's the best life insurance company to apply with for smokeless tobacco users?

Best Life Insurance for Chewing Tobacco 

Do you smoke?
Just remember that as long as you’re not a smoker, there are life insurance companies out there that are okay with your smokeless tobacco chewing. The will offer spit tobacco users a non-tobacco health rating for term life insurance. These are well known companies. Currently one of the best life insurance companies for smokeless tobacco is Prudential.

Another common question we get is some variation of when does the life insurance company view you as a quitter when you stop dipping or chewing. The question often goes like this:

John Doe UI/UX Designer

I've quit dipping or chewing tobacco. When can I get lower life insurance rates?

Smokeless Tobacco Use Over Last 12 Months and Life Insurance

Almost every life insurance company follows a strict no-tobacco guide for 12-months. This means that you have to be completely tobacco free for at least one year before you can qualify for more affordable non-tobacco rates. Even if you slip up and have a chew or dip, this means the clock starts over!

…but don’t worry, we work with companies that are okay with your smokeless tobacco use! Go ahead and get your free quote now:

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