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Seth Waller is the owner of eFalcon Life Insurance, a North Carolina based Life Insurance comparison service. His background includes Investment Advisor and Life Insurance Agent. Seth's goal is to help residents of North Carolina find and compare life insurance in a hassle-free way.

Online Life Insurance Services in NC

Term Life Insurance

Looking to save 30% to 70% on your life insurance rates? Instantly compare term life quotes in North Carolina from over 40 top-rated carriers. 

No Medical Exam

Looking to get life insurance fast and without the medical exam? We can get you approved no medical life insurance in North Carolina the same day you apply!

Senior Life Insurance

Are you looking for life insurance that helps loved ones pay for expenses if something happens to you?  Get the lowest rates on senior term and senior whole life.

North Carolina Online Life Insurance Comparison Services

eFalcon Life Insurance provides residents of North Carolina a fast and hassle-free way to find and compare life insurance quotes online. Our goal is to help you find the most affordable rates so you can get the life insurance protection that you family needs. We make the process easy so you can get back to enjoying life!

We provide online life insurance quotes for the following types of life insurance in North Carolina:

  • Term Life Insurance in NC: We provide instant online life insurance quotes from the top-rated life insurance companies in NC. We can help resident of North Carolina save up to 70% on term life insurance premiums!
  • No Medical Life Insurance in NC: Don't want to give a blood sample or pee in a cup to get term life insurance? We have access to the top No Exam Life Insurance carriers in North Carolina. We can get you life insurance without the exam the same day you apply!
  • High Risk Life Insurance in NC: We are experts in finding affordable life insurance quotes for medical conditions such as diabetes, cancer, stroke, heart disease, heart attack, obesity, sleep apnea, high blood pressure and much more! Also we provide quotes for the lowest smokeless tobacco life insurance rates for chewers and dippers. Another quoting service we offer is for vaping coverage.
  • Senior Life Insurance in NC: Looking for life insurance quotes and over the age of 50? We can help you compare affordable quotes to protect loved ones if something happens to you. Compare rates for final expense or burial life insurance starting at $10,000 in whole life coverage. We also help adult children with buying life insurance for a parent
  • Permanent Life Insurance in NC: Looking for an easy way to compare permanent life insurance quotes? We provide quotes for top rates on Whole Life Insurance, Guaranteed Universal Life Insurance (GUL), Universal Life Insurance (UL), and Indexed Universal Life Insurance (IUL).
  • Business Life Insurance in NC: Need life insurance for your business in North Carolina? We provide the top quotes for SBA Loan Life Insurance Coverage, Key Man Life Insurance, and life insurance for Buy-Sell Agreements for continuity, employee retention, and life insurance for employee benefits.

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More Information on Life Insurance NC

Life Insurance Quotes for North Carolina Residents from eFalcon Life Insurance

eFalcon Life Insurance offers life insurance solutions to both families and businesses located in North Carolina. As a resident of NC, we can help you save 50% to 70% on you life insurance premiums with top-rated insurance carriers. 

Here’s a few things you need to know about life insurance differences in each state:

  • Life Insurance Companies Available: Not every life insurance company is available in all states. Each company has to file with the North Carolina State Insurance Department to be available in NC. 
  • Insurance Products Available: In certain cases, life insurance companies will only offer certain products or features (riders) in select states. Luckily, most riders such as the Accelerated Death Benefit (ADB) and child term rider are features that are available on North Carolina Life Insurance products.  
  • Cost of Life Insurance: The rates you pay on life insurance premiums are set by each life insurance company and then approved by the NC State Department of Insurance (NC DOI). The premiums on your life insurance policy will be the same no matter what state you live in. 

How Life Insurance Policies are Protected in North Carolina

To protect the insured person on a life insurance policy, a guarantee association is by each state.  This association includes all the insurance companies that are licensed to sell:

  • Life Insurance 
  • Accident and Health Insurance
  • Annuities

...so why are guarantee associations created?

In case a member (life insurance company) of the association becomes insolvent and has to be liquidated! If this happens the guarantee association will step in and provide protection up to the limits set forth in each state’s statutory limits. This insures that life insurance policy holders will be protected up to those limits. 

Here’s some information on the NC state guarantee association:

North Carolina State Guarantee Association

In North Carolina, if a life insurance company goes out of business (becomes insolvent) the state’s guarantee association will step and continue coverage and pay claims to policy holders.

…how much will they pay claims for?

The NC State Guarantee Association offers policy holders protection up to $300,000. This the maximum amount that the is protected for any one insured. This means that if a person has multiple policies from one company that becomes insolvent, that one person is only protected up to this $300,000 amount. 

Here’s more information on NC’s association:

North Carolina Life and Health Insurance Guaranty Association

PO Box 10219

Raleigh, NC 27605-0218

Telephone: (919) 833-6838

Website: https://www.nclifega.org

If you would like to look up the license status of a North Carolina Insurance Agent or Life Insurance company you can find that information on the NCDOI website:

North Carolina Department of Insurance

Website: www.ncdoi.com

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