Just fill in the information below and you will receive instant term life insurance quotes on the next screen that are accurate and updated. Using these quotes, you will be able to compare insurance rates, financial ratings and details on each policy--all on one screen. Simply complete the form below to view your life insurance quotes instantly. 

eFalcon Life works on behalf of YOU and not any insurance company. We will provide you a life insurance quote from over 40 top-rated carriers. 

Your Life Insurance Quote is 100% Accurate

The life insurance quotes displayed on the next page are pulled directly from life insurance company rate books and are updated any time there’s a change in the rate. 

When you find a insurance rate that you are comfortable with, you can click “apply” and request an application. Then we will be in touch to coordinate the rest of the process. 

Important Information About Your Health Classification

Because we don’t know your unique health situation, there is no way for our life insurance quote tool to factor this in. If you are not sure what your health classification is, you can contact us or use our guide at the bottom of this page. 

3 Tips for Using Our Instant Life Insurance Quote Tool 


Coverage with Financially Strong Carrier

In today's economy, it is important to have life insurance with a company that has financial strength and stability. When comparing life insurance quotes, use a AM best rated "A-" carrier or better. Any company that has an "A-", "A", A+" or "A++" has good financial strength. 

Our instant life insurance quote tool will show you the AM Best ratings for each life insurance company that provides you with a quote. eFalcon Life only works with insurance companies that have an "A-" rating or better--so every quote you receive will from a financial strong carrier that we are comfortable working recommending to you. ‚Äč


Make Annual Premium Payments

Everyone is used to paying monthly for bills, but with life insurance we recommend you make annual premium payments. The annual life insurance rates are typically 4 to 6% cheaper than monthly premium payments. Our instant life insurance quote tool will show you both the monthly and annual payments for you to make a decision. 


Use "Paperless" Carriers 

Our job is to make buying life insurance as painless as possible for our clients. We suggest you use a carrier that allows an "e-signature" so you can avoid the hassles that go along with filling out 20+ page applications with the traditional paper applications. With "e-signature", we simply email you a completed application and all you have to do is type your name to sign all the documents! 


Life Insurance Quote in Salisbury NCAll life insurance companies look at your health differently so there is no way to know exactly what your health classification will be. The key to find the best life insurance rate is to find the company that will look at your unique health situation the most favorable.

Perfect Health?

Around 10% of individuals who apply for life insurance have no health issues and are in perfect health. If this is you, using our instant life insurance quote tool will be easy–simply choose the Preferred Plus health class. 

Everyone Else…

For the other 90%…it’s more difficult to determine a health classification. If you take any maintenance medications for cholesterol or blood pressure and everything is under control, then choose Preferred rates. Most other health issues will usually be classified as Standard Plus or Standard. 

Family History

Not only do life insurance companies look at your health– they also take a look at the health history of your family. Specifically they look for anyone passing away in your immediate family before the age of 60 from cancer, heart disease, or stroke. 

Lifestyle Choices

Your lifestyle choices are another factor that is taking into consideration. Skydiving, scuba diving, marijuana use, DUI, or reckless driving tickets. 

Other Overlooked Issues

Psychological issues such as depression, anxiety or bipolar disorder are other issues that are often overlooked, but are factored into by life insurance companies and can effect your insurance quotes. 

Still Not Sure? Just Use…

This is just a quick overview of factors that you need to keep in mind when determining your health classification for an instant life insurance quote. If your not sure which classification to choose, we recommend the Standard health class to be conservative. If you have any health issues, use the quotes displayed as ballpark figures to what your actual premium will look like. 

Any Questions…

If you have any questions regarding life insurance, please don’t hesitate to contact us

Why Use eFalcon Life Instant Quotes?

Great Question! (we know you can get your life insurance quote anywhere)

We are not your typical life insurance agency…

Most of the life insurance websites you find are just large call centers with agents using high pressure scripts designed to sell you insurance. Most of these websites just collect your information and sell it multiple life insurance agents. Ever received calls from multiple agents trying to sell you a policy? It’s because your information was sold!

We’re not a large corporate company or call center…

We’re just a small, independent life insurance agency trying to help you find the best life insurance policy at the the lowest cost possible. Use our independence to your advantage to see quotes and policies from over 40 of the top life insurance companies in the nation. 

We want to make this process hassle-free for you. 

We know your busy…and hate the process. That’s why we use the latest technology to make shopping, applying, and buying life insurance as easy as possible. We work fast to find, gather, and present life insurance options based on your age, gender, medical condition, budget, and financial goals. We empower you by providing choices–and work with you as a financial advocate to get you the life insurance you want at a price you love!

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